Executive is one of the most qualified suppliers of stand-alone equipment and complete processing lines for any kind of confectionery products, such as:
• hard boiled and filled candies
• toffees and chewy candies
• chewing-gum, bubble-gum and soft gum (*)
Besides a wide and highly specialised range of complete forming lines which also includes pre-extruders, extruders as well as any kind of application for the centre filling technology, such as:
DELTA LINE (extrusion & forming) (centre filled gum & chewy candies):
ALFA LINE (featuring the rotary forming system)
FLEXI-FORM LINE (featuring the most advanced rotary forming system)
JUMBO LINE (featuring the chain forming system)
Executive’s machinery program consists of:
• Raw materials handling system
• Batch-wise and continuous cooking systems
• Tempering & flavouring systems
• Cooling drum and continuous pulling machine (patented)
• Continuous cooling tunnels for pellets
• Pre-forming lines & accessories for lollipops productions.

Executive S.r.l.
P.O. Box N. 4
24040 Pagazzano (Bergamo)
Tel: +49 03638 14822

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