CHOCOTECH GmbH are manufacturers of hygienically designed and energy efficient kitchens for the confectionery industry. Apart from lines for jelly, caramel, fondant, chewy candy and aerations CHOCOTECH is also a major player in equipment for hard candy. The SUCROMASTER® line is designed for the production of hard candy and covers capacities from 500 kg to 4.000 kg/hr. Masses can be sucrose based, sugar free, with milk, laminated, liquid filled, powder filled, multi-flavour and multi- colour. The cooked mass can then be chain formed or deposited to different shapes and sizes.

The scope begins with the patented Ecograv® which is an energy saving batch – continuous weighing, mixing and dissolving system which uses the moisture of the glucose, without any additional process water to achieve an infeed solution to the cooker of 90 solids. This reduces the steam requirement for the whole process of up to 50%, comparted with other systems and is a substantial savings on the energy bill. The solution from the Ecograv® feeds either a SUCROTWIST® static cooker for masses without dairy ingredients or the SUCROFILM® dynamic thin film cooker for masses with milk. It is then fed to the vacuum and screw extraction system SUCROMASTER® before colour, flavour and acid are added via metering pumps and loss in weigh powder feeder. The mass on the steel tempering belt can be one or divided into multiple streams with different colours and flavours feeding individual forming lines.

CHOCOTECH GmbH also offer solutions for medicated hard candies with active ingredients which includes the necessary documentation for IQ, OQ & PQ. The lines can also be supplied with inhouse designed and manufactured CIP systems and State of the Art Software from Rockwell or Siemens.

The LAB in Wernigerode houses the complete range of CHOCOTECH equipment and trials can be run at production volumes in access of 1.000 kg per hour with highly experienced process engineers. 

Chocotech GmbH
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