Drying rooms for mogul products:
Characterised by sturdy construction, a self-standing structure and sandwiched panels to guarantee easy installation and perfect insulation without energy loss, our drying rooms provide perfect airflow distribution over all trays, resulting in constant quality for each pallet loaded.
The dimensions of the drying room vary according to the products characteristics, the loading time and the space availability. The standard width can accommodate three double pallets or two triple pallets, even with Jumbo mogul lines configurations.
The very high efficiency of the airflow guarantees the maximum removal of the humidity that the product releases, thus lowering the humidity levels into the starch for improved drying effect and lower resort to using the starch dryer, with further consistent energy savings.
Cycle programs can be fully customised through the on-board PLC display with user-friendly HM interface: all process parameters can be set for a smooth and precise control of the conditions of product and starch. A dedicated personal computer provides graphic visualisation and storage of every process run for quality control and traceability and allows for technical remote assistance.

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